Health Canada Consultations Open

Health Canada is currently hosting consultations on two components of its Healthy Eating Strategy: Canada's Food Guide and Restricting Marketing to Children.

In a recent post by Food Secure Canada, they make the link between the development of the Healthy Eating Strategy and A Food Policy for Canada. In brief, alternations to Canada's Food Guide may push considerations beyond nutrients towards other determinants of health such as cultural diversity and the environment. Changes like these will make a stronger link between how Canadian's eat, food security, and sustainable food systems. Also, Restricting Marketing to Children offers another tool for consumers to make healthy food choices. Food Secure Canada notes, "Policies developed within the Healthy Eating Strategy provide a clear opportunity to make much needed links between healthy eating and sustainability in agriculture and support a systems approach for A Food Policy for Canada".

The infographic below, developed by Health Canada, illustrates the impacts of diet in Canada. By participating in the discussions and consultations, you can help create Canada's first national food policy. 


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