Ontario Nature

Ontario Nature is committed to educating people on the value of forest foods and how to forage in a responsible way. Their website includes many wonderful resources and information on upcoming workshops that teach people how to sustainably harvest, prepare, and store wild foods.

Food Action Network

Find out about local initiatives to help our community be more food secure by visiting the Food Action Network website. Learn about the Good Food Box program, community kitchens, gleaning, community gardens and other programs. The Food Action website also hosts information about emergency food programs in Thunder Bay and how to prepare healthy meals on a budget.

EcoSuperior Environmental Programs

Through an annual plant sale and workshops held at Central Garden, EcoSuperior encourages gardeners to plant species that attract pollinators. EcoSuperior also offers vermicomposting workshops for schools, and composters for general sale - which are great ways to divert food and garden waste from landfills and make your own rich compost! Check out EcoSuperior's website for a list of programs.

Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station

The Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station (TBARS) has been a key research facility in the region for over 20 years, conducting research on food and feed varieties suitable for use in our unique climate and growing conditions. Learn more about TBARS by visiting their website.

Court Street Edible Fruit Forest

The Court Street Edible Fruit Forest--located at the corner of Court Street and Bay Street--transformed an existing underused park into a vibrant, beautiful, edible greenspace with trees and other fruiting plants including apples, plums, and many berry bushes. Throughout the growing season Roots to Harvest will perform general site maintenance, and will engage the community by leading workshops about growing and caring for edible tree and berry species in partnerships with other local organizations.

Additionally this site will act as a meeting place for groups, an outdoor classroom for school trips, a location for integrated Roots to Harvest school programs, a place for families to enjoy and learn, and a relaxing place for individuals to visit.

Food Security Research Network

The Food Security Research Network (FSRN) is based at Lakehead University and focuses on Community Service Learning—an approach that supports student leadership in the community to build a social environment that nurtures local food. Visit FSRN’s website for a list of current initiatives and past research projects.

Thunder Bay Beekeepers’ Association

If you’re interested in learning about bees, beekeeping, and connecting with other beekeepers in the area, check out the Thunder Bay Beekeepers’ Association website

Environmental Film Network

The Environmental Film Network (EFN) screens a range of films on environmental and social issues. A number of these award winning films showcase different issues with our food system, and innovative solutions to these issues. Films are shown monthly from September to June. Visit EFN's website to find out about upcoming films.

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