Do you know where your food comes from?

The 2016 Get Fresh Guide provides information on local farmers' markets and shops, farmers and producers, and restaurants and caterers to make it easier to find and purchase local products as well as connect with local farmers and producers.

Get Fresh! Thunder Bay Your Guide to Local Food

Why Buy Local?

Food produced around Thunder Bay is better for your health, our economy, and the environment. Buying foods from our local farmers will help you and your family understand where your food comes from. It connects you to the people who produce the food you consume and gives you the opportunity to ask questions. Fresh, tasty products are more available than you might think, but remember, seasons change and so does what's growing!

Food that is grown closer to home is good for you:

  • It's picked at the peak of freshness because it does not need to travel as far.
  • It's loaded with flavour.
  • It's high in quality.

Buying food grown close to home is good for local farm families and the economy:

  • It keeps local farmers in business.
  • It offers great value for your dollar.
  • It keeps money in our local economy.

Food grown close to home is good for the environment:

  • It travels less than 50km, instead of an average of 3500km to reach your plate.
  • It requires less gas and packaging which means less pollution.
  • It uses less chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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