Addendum Posted to RFP is Now Available!

Interested consultants have submitted inquiries concerning the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Thunder Bay and Area Food and Agriculture Market Study.  The responses to those inquiries have now been added to the RFP as an addendum.  The Responses to Inquiries section can be found in Appendix A at the end of the RFP. Click here to view the updated RFP, and please share with any consultants who may be interested in working with EcoSuperior.

The Thunder Bay and Area Food and Agriculture Market Study will provide critical research about Thunder Bay and area's food economy by painting a comprehensive and detailed picture of how food moves through the system as a whole.  Several areas of demand will be studied in detail to determine the size of the existing market, with information on which food products and volumes are bring sold, processed, and purchased by each sector.  The results will enable private sector businesses to act on locally relevant information such as creating strategies for expansion, working with other food businesses to supply market needs, and collaborating with other businesses to develop efficiencies.  Economic development organizations may also use the information to better target funding, programs, and services, as well as to evaluate business proposals. This market information will be of great importance to help grow the local food economy for our area. 

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