Public Notice Regarding Backyard Chickens

Garden Coop.JPG Last weekend, a Public Notice Regarding Backyard Chickens appeared in Saturday’s edition of the Chronicle Journal. The Public Notice summed up Council’s decision on backyard chickens, which on July 25th voted 8-4 against a bylaw drafted by City Administration that would allow chickens in urban areas of the city. The draft bylaw would have limited the number of chickens to 6 and would have put in place requirements around minimum lot sizes, coup sizes and other features, distances to property lines and neighbouring dwellings, feed storage, and waste disposal.

The Public Notice lays out the process for appealing the decision, which would be considered by the Ontario Municipal Board. Details of the Public Notice and appeal process can be found here.

You can also check out the draft bylaw brought forward by City Administration on July 25 (pages 20 to 22) as well as a short memo on pages 16 to 18 from City Administration clarifying a few points in the bylaw that had first been presented on June 20.

Administration’s original report (pages 13 to 31) to Council outlines the zoning and regulatory context, the experiences of other municipalities, an assessment of risks, and community consultation.

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