Have Your Say On The Backyard Chicken Bylaw

Backyard chickens pics.JPGNotice of a City Council Public Meeting on backyard chickens appeared in this past Saturday's paper. The Public Meeting will be held on June 20th, at 6:30pm and will be a chance for people to provide comments on a proposed chicken by-law for the City of Thunder Bay.

What's a Public Meeting you ask? Anytime there's a proposed change to the Zoning By-law, the City is required to hold a Public Meeting to give members of the public the opportunity to comment. The Public Meeting is held in Council Chambers (ie City Hall) and is open to everyone. Anyone present at the Public Meeting will be invited to share their feedback on the proposed by-law change by speaking directly to Council. People are able to submit written comments in advance of the meeting, which will be shared with councillors ahead of the meeting.

The Public Meeting follows a deputation given by the Thunder Bay and Area Food Strategy in April asking City Council to consider amending the Zoning By-law to allow a small number of chickens within urban and suburban areas of the city. City Council voted to have Administration prepare a report outlining options, including a By-Law Amendment, best practices, and potential costs. City Administration will be presenting this report back to council at the June 20th meeting as part of the Public Meeting.

If you care about this issue, be sure to submit written comments, attend the public meeting, contact Councillors, and speak up at the meeting! Be sure to arrive early as seating is limited!

Keep in mind that Council meetings have a code of conduct which prohibits any signage, slogans, picture taking, clapping or booing.

Written comments can be sent by mail to:

John S. Hannam, City Clerk

City of Thunder Bay 500 Donald St. E.

Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5V3

Written comments can also be emailed to Thora Cartlidge, Senior Planner, tcartlidge(at)thunderbay.ca

You can read the full public meeting notice here.

The public meeting starts at 6:30pm. Council chambers are located on the 3rd floor of City Hall, 500 Donald St. E.


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