Food Frenzy 2015!

FF-LOGO-LETTERHEAD-TAG1-01.jpgOctober 1, 2015 - Food Frenzy is a brand new event where young people will

  • Experience food professionals in action
  • Enjoy the full sensory experience of tasting quality foods
  • Discover local food production processes
  • Take action to lessen hunger in the community
  • Create memorable dishes and drinks of their own

 The focus of the event is on hands-on experiences guided by food and drink professionals, including opportunities to try the process and sample finished goods. 

 Some of the activities to try: Rolling Sushi, Blender Bikes, Dyeing With Food, Tasting With All of Your Senses, Farmer Olympics, Making the Perfect Cup of Tea, Fill the Fridge for the RFDA!  There will also be workshops on: Making Your Own Marshmallows, Pressing Apple Cider, Cooking to Impress in 45 or Less, Spinning Honey and From Seed to Food in 72 Hours.

 Thanks to the Thunder Bay & Area Food Strategy for sponsoring the first ever Food Frenzy and for participating in the event planning!

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